How to be a real Baddie

Do you want to give your life a 360 degree turn? Sometimes we wait for life to pass and we spend the life waiting to see if a miracle comes to us or something happens to change the way we see ourselves. The day comes when you stop focusing on others and only look at yourself and your projects and dreams.

1- Confidence

Confidence is crucial in everything: people smell it, they feel it in your energy and in the environment. Look at yourself in the mirror and say: I am a tremendous and desirable person. I am a “f*cking” gift from the world. I have a unique body, look at these legs that take me to the places that I like the most, my eyes that allow me to contemplate all the bad and good things around me and blah blah and all that story… you have to feel like the only Coca Cola in the desert. The truth is that it does not matter if you are skinny or chubby, or the color of skin you have, you have to love and value yourself as you are without comparing yourself to anyone because that is the worst mistake I make. The time will come when you love and worship your body so much that people will see you beautiful.


Lift your chin and head, straighten your back and shoulders and feel how Queen Elizabeth II should feel.


When was the last time you applied creams and perfume on your body when you got out of the shower? You probably don’t remember because we hardly ever have time with work or school, or the last time you shaved your entire body, waxed your eyebrows, fixed your hair, put on your best clothes, painted your nails to feel good and groomed. Nothing is more noticeable that a woman/man who take care of their own bodies. Also, if you don’t pamper you, who will do it for you?


Start the day on the right foot and arrive at all places saying “Good morning” and “Hello” to everyone. People will notice you confidence and good vibes in everything that you do right away. Everyone likes to be around a person with positive energy and a great and sincere smile. Girl, that’s so attractive!!!


I know it’s easy to say, but we have to be strong and not victims of life. Well, it is good to listen to constructive comments that will always help you in some way or another. But according to modern psychology, people criticize the defects they have inside them but do not recognize, and this leads them having to tell others their fault. So what you see of others is what is inside of you. It is called mirror effect (What we dislike about others is what we do not like about ourselves).


There is a saying that we must learn to live every experience of life because we came to the Earth to live it: “It is better to regret having tried it than not having done it”. Many people are shy and do not dare to approach others for fear of rejection. If you go to the mall and you see someone who attracts you, ask for their number. What is the worst thing that can happen to you? That they reject you? You will not be the first or the last person someone rejects, so you have nothing to lose, and you may never see that person again. We are all struck by daring and risk-taking people.


If you do not like a part of your body and you are going to change it by operation, do it from love because you want to improve this part of your body, feel good about yourself and get to feel more like you want to be in the future, in your perfect mental image. Don’t do it because of hatred, because you hate that part of your body or you look at the mirror and you don’t like what you see. It depends on the perspective in which you do it, it is going to be the result of your whole life.

“When you start to be yourself, you attract the perfect people and circumstances for you”


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