Healing Crystals and the right one for you

Crystals are necessary if you want to reach a higher level of spirituality and become more open and receptive to the best changes in your life.

You can have the stones inside of rings, necklaces, as individual, or to put it under your pillow or inside your pocket. Oh, It’s even better give a gemstone to a special person, since it is considered a peculiar gift and from the heart. Very few people come up with this idea. It can be the best gift for some people. Be creative!!

“You know the world is a magical place when Mother Earth grows her own Jewelry”

Sage Goddess



  • It is an energizing and regenerating stone
  • Clean and provide energy to the chakras
  • Inspire love and devotion
  • Strengthens and activates the survival instinct, providing courage and hope
  • Give luck to business and good fortune to families
  • Open the heart and give self confidence
  • Open your mind to discover solutions in difficult situations



  • Helps open the third eye
  • Awakens intuition, inspiration, clairvoyance and peace of mind
  • Convert negative energy into positive
  • Promotes the development and improvement of spirituality
  • Take away the fears
  • Promotes meditation and relaxation of tensions and concerns of the physical body
  • Help in cases of insomnia and addiction abandonment



  • Well-being, good memory and alertness
  • Invokes tolerance to others
  • Reduce stress and relax the mind
  • To finish projects and close concerns
  • Stone of courage, responsibility and commitment to yourself
  • Harmonizes the environment and protects against pollution
  • For sensitive people it clarifies emotional states
  • Promotes spiritual development, generating sincerity and perseverance



  • It symbolizes the search for perfection, the will to triumph, firmness and righteousness
  • It comes from Latin -adamas- and means invincible and indestructible
  • Known as “King of Crystals”, it symbolizes the central “sun” of the solar system.
  • Balances, protect and harmonize the entire energy body, raising all physical energy to a higher level
  • Strengthen love, commitment and fidelity
  • Raises all physical energy to a higher level
  • Brightens the spirit (it is recommended for introverted and shy people)



  • It symbolizes power, immortality, and with the green tone eternal youth, well-being, healthy and a healthy lifestyle
  • In ancient times it was used because of its healing powers for skin problems and self-esteem
  • Rise truthfulness and eloquence
  • Sharpen inspiration and intuition.
  • Symbolizes positivity, humility and true love
  • Encourage patience, love, success, and friendship
  • Provides physical and mental balance, increasing happiness and prosperity



  • Stone of new beginnings
  • Linked with the Moon, the night and intuition
  • Reassure, reflect, protect and develop the phases of the human being
  • Balances energies and opens mind to spiritual opportunities, emotions, and experiences.
  • In Full Moon it opens the doors to love, relationships, fertility and business success
  • Brings good luck and protection to whoever wears it
  • Helps calm bad times and stress



  • It has the color of love and passion
  • Increases self-esteem, enthusiasm and personal relationships
  • Promotes optimism and intuition
  • Provide wisdom and intelligence to those who possess it
  • Attracts abundance and success
  • They give energy, courage, courage, wealth, power and good fortune
  • Strengthens the aura and brings a relaxed mental and spiritual state



  • The only stone that opens, cleanses and activates the heart
  • Release negative concerns, obsessions, guilt
  • Generates new and clean energy and promotes forgiveness, hope and rebirth
  • In antiquity it was used to ward off evil spirits and bad vibes
  • Increase self-esteem and faith in life
  • Promotes healing and energization of the aura
  • Increases the love towards oneself and the confidence and responsibility of the decisions made by the user



  • Known as the Stone of Wisdom
  • Relax the mind, emotions, tensions and the environment
  • Promotes reflection, intuition and intelligence of the user
  • Balances the body by aligning mind, soul and physical body
  • It symbolizes sincerity, honesty, commitment, relationships, and perseverance
  • It is given for the 45th wedding anniversary as it symbolizes eternity
  • Gemstone of Peace, Happiness and Love



  • Improves memory
  • Purifies the body inside and the emotions
  • Enhances cosmic consciousness and spiritual development
  • Stimulates originality, creativity and confidence
  • Boost self-esteem and help discover the potential of those who possess it
  • Express the true self, inducing psychic and mystical visions
  • It augurs good fortune in all areas by its play of colors
  • Eliminate doubts, worries, obsessions and stress



  • It has healing and calming properties for the mind, emotions and the physical body.
  • Refills positive energy, purifies the blood and reactivates the immune system
  • Keep away nightmares, providing a good sleep if you put it under the pillow
  • Considered a bridge between the physical and the spiritual plane
  • Promotes creativity, talent development, and desire discovery
  • Attracts luck in business and in the family
  • It influences the third chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) due to its yellow color, giving vitality, youth, wisdom, will and maturity.
  • It’s the legendary gem of friendship



  • It attracts healing and physical and mental well-being to whoever uses it
  • Strengthens and activates inner calm, opening your senses to truth, spirituality and opportunities
  • Represents friendship and spiritual development in personal and relationships
  • Bring peace at home and good fortune in business
  • Related to loyalty, creativity, intuition, determination and the discovery of the inner and outer world
  • People in ancient times used it as anti-inflammatories and to cure sorrows and misfortunes
  • Promotes joy, vitality, strength and happiness, in addition to relaxing and synchronizing the aura

“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation”

Nikola Tesla

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