Morning Positivism- Phrase of the day

I was reading lately the “Mastery of Love” by Miguel Ruiz and I realize that there is nothing more beautiful and natural than be ourselves, like I don’t know… tell somebody the first that is inside your head without filters or maybe compliment a stranger on the street “your dog seem loyal and nice”, or “I like your shoes, I wish I can have it right now”. Put it a smile on other’s faces is a gift.

I learned something the other day, it said Give the world what you want to receive from it So, the first step begins with us and the process will follow naturally. Make other person’s day easier because today is them but tomorrow or in a future day you will need it, and Karma exists, and it is watching us all the time…Make something, at least a 3% productive because one person, yes!!! One PERSON CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!

“Spread love to everyone and you shall receive love”

The Universe

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Me gusta ayudar a las personas a que se enfoquen en su bienestar e intelecto. Aspiro a la gente a encontrar su pasión y sigan lo que les dicte el corazón. Todos merecemos abundancia y amor. Publico los mejores y prometedores tips y hack acerca de lo ultimo que se lleva, sobre espiritualidad y paz interior, sobre estilos de vida, y a transformarte en la mejor version de ti mismo. "Nadie es como tu y ese es tu poder"

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